Our store is open and ready to help you get your camper ready for the new season.

We're moving! The next stage of our adventure.

Ben Rinnes

It's been two years since we came up with the idea for MyCamperVan, to create a fun lifestyle business that combines our love for the outdoors and adventure and simply make fun products that people would enjoy for themselves or as a gift to friends and family.

The great thing about MyCamperVan is that its a business that you can take anywhere and at the beginning of the year we started to hatch our plan for our next step of our adventure and moving to Scotland! We put our house on the market at the beginning of March and found ourselves a buyer, not realised the country would be locked-down by Covoid-19 2 weeks later!

We hope to complete our house sale in the next few weeks and are in the process of packing up 27 years of memories from our house. The problem is that with our favoured area of the Westerns Isles in Scotland still being in firm lockdown, the nearest suitable rental accommodation we can find is 4 hours away on Speyside.

So having got rid of quite a lot of stuff, either through eBay or FreeBay, we're still having to quite a lot of our stuff into storage which means we're going to have to put MyCamperVan on hold for a while whilst we move.

We're lucky to be moving to somewhere quite beautiful and remote with a view of Ben Rinnes - Esther and Watson are looking forward to exploring the new area!  Remoteness also has it's challenges, like no broadband or internet connection.

We will be suspending our web shop but please follow our social media on Facebook or Instagram where we will provides updates and photos from our new adventures.

Finally, to thank all our customers who have shopped from us in the last 2 years, your kind comments have meant a lot to us.

Rebecca & Fraser, Watson & Esther